Thursday, November 19, 2015


Wind picked up as the session went on, but I really should have been on the S3 15 for the kind of riding I was doing. Gah.

The deck pad is falling apart so I pulled it off and put on the new Dakine pad but . . . it isn't the same size. GAH. Naturally I didn't check before I started ripping the old one off and naturally theres messy patches of adhesive and rubber that just won't come off. Fuck.

Am now looking at SUP and longboard pads as they're the only ones long enough to cover all the mess :(

Paid for the LF Fun Foil too--watch this space.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Bit of a disappointment cos the forecast was cracking, but did some riding as the wind picked up on the Dialer. Better jumps now I've learned to take my back hand off the bar . . . but of course, no camera this time. Landing is easier cos I've discovered I can put my foot anywhere. Kinda. . . .

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Well that was lucky!

Was a good forecast but when I got to the lake, it was light and the FS crew had packed up, deciding the day was done.

There was some wind so instinct around, setting up the Swiss Army knife. Had a giggle at Miyachi trying the Lotus 10... too light for a twin tip. I tried on the Dialer but wasn't working. Stood on the beach having a moan then tried again...

... and the wind gradually picked up to the point I thought about the TT but didn't give in. Good session, it was. I liked that.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yesterday's epic is today's gravy

 Good forecast that delivered for a change. The FSer crew was in town, but I didn't get to snarf any gear :(

Instead, I got some riding with my 10m Crossbow... Works fine on Dialer. I think. Even got some ju,oing in, but it was gusty enough for me to chicken out and resort to straight jackin'!

10m weather used to be epic, but now it's just a good day. I must be getting spoilt.

Got some footage too... 6 months later, you might see it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Too close for comfort!

Too light. Got some riding done but we did a lot of fighting to ride. And there were some messy scenes trying to get off the beach... kite collisions and near misses on tangled lines... sigh.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ah, tis the season

Good forecast, nothing delivered except for about 10 minutes riding. Bugger.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Cracking when I arrived and jumped out on the 10m but soon the wind dropped and I stood around with my thumb up my ass. Decided to get the 15 and the wind came back, so that was nice. Big gap of nothing in the middle but it ended nicely.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Epic forecast, but when I arrived at the lake just after midday, it didn't seem up to much so I headed out with the Speed3 15...

... oops. It was so gusty that "couldn't keep planing" was violently contrasted with "speeding out of control". Somewhere in between, I did some jumps. Some really big ones too -- getting my head almost level with wing tips of kites parked at 12. I need a Woo or a Xensr...

After some time doing that, the beach had cleared out some so I went to land the kite... needed help, so overpowered, glad Jun was there.

Took the Speed back to the car and got the 10 and 7m XBs. Went back out with the 10 and the Limited for some more yeehaas. The wind was up and down, so when I next came in I went out on the Dialer. Then changed to the Lim when I got overpowered, then back to the D when the wind dropped to wind the session down on a high note.

Tough conditions, but I had a nice time and enjoyed the 10m XB with the D.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Riddle me this, Batman

Q. What's worse than a small beach crowded with Asian kiters?
A. A small beach crowded with Asian kiters... with foils.

FFS people. Kites landing left, right and center on too of people and gear; foil boards left standing all over the show, wrapping up lines; kites stalling everywhere; lines laid out to every point of the compass. What a mess. Self-centered people and foil-learners is not a good combo... at least I'm not the only one getting grumpy at the dickheads...

Leaving the show aside, there was no wind. In desperation, I took the Dialer and Limited back to the car and for the Flydoor and the 21.

Super light, flat water but going upwind -- amazing. Then, as I'd feared, the wind picked up and it was a bit much... should have gone with the 15, but it was good after all the waiting and watching the comedy....

Thursday, October 22, 2015


So-so forecast but tis the season to deliver wind in the late afternoon.

Really late... I'd gone out to experiment with the Flite and line extensions, so it wasn't a total loss when the wind that was exceptionally light dropped off to nothing...

I'd stood around, glaring at the horizon, then given up and packed up the Flite when the wind picked right up... I rushed back to the car for the S3 15 and proceeded to have a great 45 minutes till dark fooling around around... even nailed a few tacks.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Looked promising, and it started off nicely on the Dialer and the 10m XB but dropped off after a half hour or so. Tried the S3 12 for a bit but it's not a solution in the low end of its range, and maybe too leaky when it's on... Got the 15 out but it just dropped away.

Still going to be a tough call trying to decide what to take to NZ for the hols... but it was good to experiment.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Average forecast was better than expected. Good boosting, good stunting, great carving, nice surfboard riding... let's say nothing about the out of town assholes who take 15 minute showers whole people are waiting, cos that would spoil the buzz.

Oh, got new brown lenses for the Shark v1s... the shizzle! Glad the web store is up and running, well worth the money: 720-armour

Saturday, October 17, 2015


No work today for a change so naturally, the wind chooses this weekend to not blow. Bah humbug.

Tried a few tacks on both boards, and while I could get upwind occasionally it wasn't fun. Gave up and test-flew the S3 12 to check for how much I need to resplice the FDS to take tension out of it...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ah, that's better

Didn't risk it this time and went out on the S3 and had a cracking good time, despite the light wind. Wind dropped off as I needed to stop for work so that worked out well.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tricksy weather

Forecast predicted blow at 3 so we all duly descended on the beach and glared at the horizon. It finally turned up and the inevitable bums rush to the beach followed.

I wanted to try the 10m XB on the Dialer again, but didn't trust the wind and with the SB despite having laid out the 10m's bar... Didn't suck as much as I thought it would though.

Went out on the Limited and came in for the Dialer as the wind dropped then lulled then picked up then dropped. Lame.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Twice in a row was too much to ask for

Forecast better than yesterday but it was worse -- more range in the gusts, even less low end, long time no blow.

Started off on the TT as the photo dears were there again and they wanted the action. Started on the 10 but it wasn't working, so I hit the 15 and it was better but not like yesterday. Not by a long shot. Hope they got some shots of the bottom of the board so I can share on Axis FB page.

Tried again later on the Dialer and the 10. Surprisingly good, but it didn't last... Shame.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Come fly with me

Good forecast turned fucking epic.

Started on the Dialer, underpowered weirdly but riding ok. Then the wind picked up a little and the riding got tentative so I got on the TT and went for a fly.

Goddam, big jumps. Couple of old duck with cameras too, might get some photos...

Nearly a disaster at landing, gust collapsed the kite and Miyachi missed it so I went to safety and it wiggled across the window, narrowly missing all the kites on the beach and the camera lady.

No harm no foul. It were all-ll good.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

I done foil!

Got some time today on the Alien Air and MHL Lift foil and my Speed3 15.

Bloody hell, water handling is a PITA! I figured out how to body drag, but our spot is just shallow enough for a couple hundred meters out to ground the foil, and just deep enough to make it impossible to walk... so I spent about 99% of the time splashing around trying to get to deep water.
Only got a half dozen or so so rides, out of a dozen attempts, before I was worn out. My wish or goal was to water start, get up on the board and ride it on the water and let it lift with board speed. Now I look at it, I wonder if I wasn't a little overly ambitious...

First attempt was, of course, a total moon shot. Boing! and dragged over the foil... ow.
Next couple I got up on the board and moving, but sunk out in the light wind or got pushed off by chop.

The wind had picked up a little so body dragging out was easier, and the last 4 or 5 rides were easier too. I managed to get up on the board and riding, with a few seconds of feeling lift from the foil but not properly foiling before grounding out or mis-balancing the board and getting lobbed.

On the last two tacks, I got up and foiling properly for long enough to enjoy the ride -- maybe 4 seconds of kangaroo hopping and finally 10 seconds of wobbly "omg omg I'm doing it I'm doing it!" before losing speed, lift, and grounding the foil again...

Yeah good fun, I can see me buying one.

Aside from that, some Dialer riding and Limited boosting. Good day.

Friday, October 2, 2015

I done tack!

Me! Fuck yeah!

Ok powered today, for 2x 45 minutes, with a drink break between. Started trying to tack on a port reach, after watching a Cabrinha tech tip video. Got closer and closer until after about a half dozen attempts - nailed it! Woohoo! Got them 50/50 for the next half dozen but that did me; now for the other side!

Otherwise, a good day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Lully and nasty. Got about 30 seconds of perfect riding, the rest being riding along then trying to do something just as a lull hits...

Saturday, September 26, 2015

This time, the cocks walk

Had some hours free this afternoon, so I fixed the 21 and went to the lake for a test flight...

Oh it's the "competition" today too. Goody, the beach is completely covered with kites nobody is using, and the only free space is down the far end. Tough launch with the long lines, between the pile of bamboo trash and all the weeds and twigs on the shore... had to wade out to get it up, but the job got done.

Me and a Lotus 18 were out, and the only ones going upwind. A couple of hours fooling around doing rotations... not bad.

Idiot me... rather than land at the YMCA beach, with plenty of space, I got Miyachi to land me in the only space free at our beach.

Sigh... the North rep, call sign "Cock One", was trying four his unhooked mad skills 2 inches from the shore and dumped his kite downwind with his lines right on top of me, wrapped around my neck and actually started trying to relaunch his kite, before someone grabbed it and landed it, and I could untangle. Naturally, he apologized to Miyachi -- who was 12 feet away -- and just ignored me. Nice one.

Enter "Cock Two". First, he drags his boards and fins over my lines, then proceeds to drag his lines out from under my kite, ignoring the horrible noises as it catches on the material, then just yanks them out of the bridle lines. Then, when I'm halfway into rolling up, he's got the nerve to ask me to launch him -- without using polite grammar, so it's like he said, "I want to start, so launch me." I suggested he should ask someone who wasn't busy...

Fuck I hate comp days, and the cocks from Tokyo.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This time, a giant rubber cock

Good forecast didn't pan out but it was ok. First real ride on the directional in ocean waves... well, if you can't do little strapless airs you could be in trouble, instead of having a hoot. Waves weren't up to much but we're good for hopping and floating over.

Spent the first hour downwinding and walking, which is where I tripped over the latex rod of love. After I'd had enough of the walking, I landed the kite and took the ROAM2 of so naturally, the wind then picked right up and the riding improved...

Dropped off again so I packed up at sunset.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another pair of sunglasses at the bottom of the lake

Was pretty good from about 3 to 5, but I was feeling a bit over-done on the Dialer and wanted to do some jumping so I switched to the S3 15 and the Flydoor... just as the wind died off. Did some low wind waffling around; rotations and kite loops that didn't do much.

Lost my Sundogs too... floats, my ass. Now, I wonder where I put the new ones I bought recently...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Coulda been worse

Good forecast all day, but have to work in the afternoon. Headed down at 10am for a couple of hours, but the wind was lulling too much to be worth the effort...

I was stood on the beach watching the horizon for a blow line when the guy on the hydrofoil dropped his Chrono wa-aaay the hell "outside"... it wasn't going back up so I went and told Miyachi and we went out on the boat looking for him. Couldn't find him, and it took another boat coming over who had seen him to point us in the right direction. Bloody hell!

Came back after work about 530pm and went out for a run on the Dialer with the S3 15, but it was crappy again. I packed up after a long lull, close to sunset, and just as I'd put the kite in the back in the bag it picked right up. Could have had another 45 minutes... Oh well.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Coulda been better

Forecast looked ok, but it didn't pick up til close to the time I had to leave, so only got less than an hour of powered riding... life is tough. And it turned out I didn't need to leave so early anyway!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Good enough

Not as much wind as yesterday, but enough to try to recreate the awesome feeling... although it fell a little short.

Tougher to transition feet on the Dialer with less wind to tap with the bar, need to keep the speed up. Has some need hitting of waves and getting a push back to get the feeling of actually surfing.

Despite being mostly underpowered, I had a pretty good time for 3 hours or so. Need to give my knees a break -- 5 sessions in 6 days! Unheard of!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Forecast looked ok, but it turned out to be a stonker!

Started out doing some good jumps on the 'door then as the wind dropped, got onto the Dialer. What a great session, just totally awesome feeling.

Has to be the Dynabar, just so much freer riding the boards. Even now I put in an hour or so on the TT with the Dynabar rather than changing it for the fixed hook, that's easy too. Greatly prefer; I reckon it's easier on my back too.

Just wish I could get the Teletubbies theme outa my head...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Dynabar intro

Thought I'd done this already. Can't remember the details, but I seem to remember it being acceptable and having a nice time playing with the Dynabar...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Two in a row?


Forecast wasn't up to much, but I had the time so why not? The SB had arrived, I was sitting on the Dynabar for a light wind day, and the Mako Duke was sitting there begging for it...

Unfortunately, while the wind was ok, the water was a little full of crap, like chunks of wood and bamboo. I went out on the Dialer, was doing ok and avoiding the flotsam, then went out on the Mako Duke...

Initial thoughts are it's over-finned, as the back end is dug in and doesn't like to be shifted but it's more stable at speed than the Dialer and maybe I just need to move my foot back, like in the video. Tougher to gybe as it's narrower at the front but I only got to try that a couple of times...

Worried about the gunk in the water, I change back to the Dialer as the wind is up and down too... ride out the rest of the afternoon thusly.

Man, I love the Dynabar. The pad still rides up like a pig on the Mystic harness but at least it's not trying to dig my guts out. EVERYTHING is so much easier on the directional!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sonic BOOM

Typhoon forecast was all jacked up -- last night it looked great all day, this morning it looked weak as. I'd pretty much given up on it as a bad joke, but had been messaging with Jun in Mie during the day. He reckoned 4 pm would be good, and I had the time free so I rocked on over.

Bloody glad I did... Jun offered to let me use the Sonic 18 he's borrowed, so long as I could pack it away dry :D it got soaked on the weekend. High tide, low wind, hot launch...

It was 6 knots when I got out of the car, and it picked up to 16 when I got back in. At first, I filled the kite and struggled with the tips a bit, then was surprised by how much pull it actually had. Hmm...

Got out in the light wind, a loop to get up and planing (!) and away across the beach. Got halfway back to my starting point then headed back out. Can feel the wind picking up, and I'm actually GOING UPWIND WHILE WORKING THE KITE! Amazing...

Wind continues to pick up, I go upwind easier, the jumps get bigger, the hang time longer... bloody amazing kite! It's a little more stable, and a little more twitchy, than the Speed3 but in different ways. Teeny bit more bar pressure I reckon, but more responsive. I want one.

Had to pack up as Jun was going home... didn't want to stop.

My thanks to the truck driver who threw a tantrum after I overtook you -- great comedy, I laughed mightily at your antics.