Friday, October 21, 2016


Had to get out with the new board today.

Wind was light, so i thought I needed a foil. Mistake. That made it harder to get going do to the way the kite worked. After the long-ass bodydrag out as far as possible so I wouldn't slam the bottom, I finally managed to get up and riding away from the shore.

Much better with the new board, much easier to ride. Obviously more stable but different enough that I could barely manage heel to toe, and toe side riding.

Then the wind picked up and I thought I'd try the TT but it was barely enough, then newbie guy fell off and got washed into marina bay, without his board.

I secured the board before it ended up in Otsu, then had to body drag back to our beach, but managed to ride back upwind some, which was a surprise, but then the wind died off again and I gave up.

Managed not to destroy the board, but stood on it by mistake and chipped the nose. Le sigh again.

Monday, October 10, 2016

One thing and another

Thought I'd give the LF a run and assess whether it's worth taking it back to NZ in Feb as is, or do some work on it.

Twitchier than I remembered it used to be when it was equally used to it but it kinda sucked a lot. Might have to risk straightening it and cutting the mast...

Which was all fine and well until the other side of the board broke. Then I discovered the head of one of the bolts holding the mast to the plate has snapped. So there's all that to deal with and think about too. Le sigh.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rebel rebel

Wind was on and off so it kinda sucked, but the North guy let me out on his Rebel 15 which was actually fun and boosted well when the wind was on. Bar pressure was like a Switchblade so it was bearable...miss the foil.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Another weak-ass typhoon

that failed to deliver. Again. Had to borrow the Naish foil from the shop, and while I initially struggled a bit to get back in the groove, got there in the end. Strapless is hard to get started when the wind is light...

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Broke the dry spell

but "gravy" is overly generous. It was squally and crap when it wasn't.

But I got my eye back in, and go to try the Cabrinha board Squid Launcher. Too wide, have to ride the board and then fly the kite. Too bouncy in the chop too. Hmm.

Miss my foil . . .

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Saved by the grandad

and his Naish foil. Insisted I take the whole set up for a test drive, after I'd given up trying to ride the 15 and the TT. I don't think it's quite right yet still, and the wind was shit.

But the foil was fun. Definitely slower but more stable than mine, and the length and mass distribution of the board makes it "heavier" to swing around. Riding strapless wasn't as much of a challenge as I thought it would be so that's nice.

Got a brief play with the Reo 12 which didn't really improve my opinion of them (gutless and slow), but as the wind dropped off I guess it wasn't fair. Relaunch was easy though.

So, thanks Grandad, you saved my day!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

RIP Foil Fish

Due to the turmoil at home, I decided I'd brave the forecast and escape to Tsu again. Supposed to be big wind but was pretty much a repeat of the last time I was there.

Which wasn't a bad thing. I really got the gybes dialed in and started going harder and faster, with more power and load on the foil.

That was all good and well until I got too close to shore and slammed into the shallows so hard I gave myself whiplash. Sore neck at the time, stiff the following day. That I could live with . . .

. . . unfortunately, the fuselage is bent again and the mast rounded. That I could almost live with . . .

. . . but the big deal is the crack in the board. Guess I really nailed it hard :(

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Surprisingly good . . .

. . . session today, despite the summer wind and my pig-headed determination to use the 10m kite. The weather station said 10 knots when I got off the water and that was when I was feeling ok powered.

Basically, I was totally shocked that I could ride at all, as the kite just stayed in the sky and I had a rough time relaunching--had to swim some to get the kite to the edge of the window and carefully jiggle the line to get it up :o

But had a nice time riding around. Really notice the difference already, between the LF and the SS foil . . . am thinking, if I can tame the SS it might be epic. I noticed the lack of pitch stability today.

Funny thing . . . I was on the 10m tube, and the other guy on the LF foil was on an 11m Sonic and we were well matched :D

Friday, August 19, 2016

Sucky wind may be to blame

Just a little wind, but maybe enough to try out the Hover Glide.

Urgh, everything they said is true. Monster lift, really leaps out of the water and is a battle to get enough weight over the front. Especially when your strap isn't forward enough. Very stable and a solid platform, as the waves have little effect. Glides along nicely, gybe attempts were nice until I fucked it up and fell over, then I had to dodge the foil :o

Wind sucked ass, could barely get out of the water, but if I managed that, I could ride easily. Meant I got stuck in the Marina beach after dropping the kite and fighting for a while to relaunch . . . boy that really sucks now they've screwed around with it. A tough body drag to get out, and I got a little more riding in, then I dropped the kite again and just gave up on it.

Fucking anti seize gel doesn't keep bolts tight :o and I now need an Alien Air. Cos I'm not loving the HG.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

3 boards, much joy

So-so forecast, so-so wind reports . . . great session!

Started out playing silly buggers on the TT, which was nice.

Had been out a while when I spotted Hironobu wading out with Grandad's ugly old surfboard that he bolted on the shop Naish foil. I had promised to test it for them but hadn't wanted to spend the good wind fooling around . . . so I swapped boards with him and dragged out to deeper water.

My first time strapless on a foil, on Grandad's dodgy board. Hmm. After a mis-start and a crash into the bottom, we were under way! Foil felt much the same as mine, just a bit slower and more stable. Or more resistant to being wiggled around. Board was horrid, really noticed how long it was.

Too much wind, to close to being horribly over-powered, so after some gybes and water starts, I rode back to shore. I suggested Grandad move the mast forward about 200mm, cut the tail where he planned and cut the front about 100mm ahead of his line. We'll see :D

Went across and had a drink of water, then swapped for the Duke and had a nice time for a change. Rode it out till dark. . . .

Monday, August 8, 2016

Robbed again

Crappy summer wind. So-so session; failure to ride the Duke, underpowered on the Limited and just riding on the Flydoor. Now I remember why I gave up on that board . . . maybe the old one would be better.

And I need to repair that depower line . . .

Some guy got himself a Sroka foil. God, that looks cheap, bulky and draggy! Short mast too, and seemed flexy. Should have asked for a ride.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Showing off for the uninitiated

Off to the ocean. Good forecast didn't arrive, but I got some just-powered foiling. 10 knots in summer is only just enough.

Had a swim with mother, then tried the TT as the wind had picked up . . . under-powered. Oh well.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nailed it! Railed it!

Rate this an epic session, not because of huge phat airs and wicked tricks, but because I had such a great time on the foil. Really hooked up some fabulous, razor-sharp carving gybes and generally felt very impressed with myself . . .

S3 15 is still out of whack though, I'm going to have to go full retard on the fiddling . . . at least I know where to start.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2 boards, more joy

Really wanted to ride the Duke, but it's just not a low-powered board :( didn't work well with the faulty 15 and I basically could jump straight on the TT and ride upwind better :( :( So I did that and had a nice time getting back in the swing of swinging around at the end of the rope.

The bar is in dire need of reglueing though . . .

Monday, August 1, 2016

3 boards, not a lot of joy

Testing out the repaired 15 . . . hmm, something very wrong. But I got out on all three boards trying to get my groove on. Just not feeling it today, but stuck around trying to ferret it out for 3 hours . . .

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Angry on my mind

Made up some A-main's for the 15, went to the lake to sort that out, but by the time I'd swapped the QR on the 21, the wind had filled in. I took the foil and Duke and 21 to the beach, but the wind kept coming so I took it back and got the XB13 and the TT then remembered the depower rope is fraying, so just rode the Duke.

It was ok, but I was fully trimmed and wondered if I could ride the 10. Borrowed the Pivot and it was ok, but I needed more wind.

Had a nice time jumping the Mako though, think I'm getting that sorted.

But the whole time I was thinking about the 2015 Angry Swallow 5' 6" that's on the way to me. . . .

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I know I went but . . .

. . . can't remember precisely, don't think I used the foil even though I took it to the beach. Do remember landing the 10m though . . .

Monday, July 18, 2016

1 kite, 3 boards . . . but wait, there's more!

More wind, that is. Marine Day delivers the goods!

Was some wind but the forecast wasn't for a lot more so I didn't know what to do. The lack of 15 is making itself painfully felt. Took the 10m and the foil and Mako Duke over to the lake, as others were on 9 to 14 and various non-foil boards.

Had a lively and tentative time on the foil, riding way out into the lake then riding the swell back in.

I thought the wind had picked up a little so I went back on the Mako and it was ok-ish for a bit, then I took a break. Brought the TT back over for a joke, and gave it a go and it was actually ok! Bit of bump and jump for a while then when the carnage had died down and the herd thinned out, I took the Mako out and it was good.

Whoever the non-local's were, were dicks. Chairs and buckets all over the beach, bad manners on the water and the guy who cut in downwind of me as I was getting off the water--next person who does that, I'm looping my kite into you. You have been warned.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

1 kite, 3 boards

Just too much wind for the 21, 15 is out of action still but not enough for the 12 and/or I can't be bothered messing with line extensions. . . .

Out with ye olde 16m . . . Had a nice time on the foil, but then the wind picked up some. I tried to ride the Mako and it sucked, as I got hauled downwind. Tried to ride the TT but the kite is just too slow to be much fun. Now I remember why I don't like it any more!

Anthony went down to chat up the windsurfer girls but got yelled at and the clubhouse leader phones Miyachi to whine about our invasion into their area. On the public lake. Fuck 'em. Next time, I'm making sure to go down there too.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A new category!

Was actually looking forward to another foil session, with the big Speed and maybe switching to the XB13 as the wing picked up. . . .


Got in maybe 20 minutes before the rain started, slowly enough at first that I thought I might be able to keep riding until it passed as it wasn't so heavy. . . .


The wind dropped and the kite stalled, and I couldn't relaunch it even though I had feet on the bottom. The board had shot off, floating downwind towards the rock breakwater and I just couldn't be bothered replacing bashed up wings, so I wrapped up the bar and lines and left the kite, swimming for the board. Figured I could swim back for the kite and drag it in at my leisure. . . .


The wind had dropped because it had shifted to off-shore. By the time I got the board, the kite was already moving away fast enough that I didn't want to risk swimming for it. So I went and got Miyachi and the boat . . . which was a good call, because it was hauling ass towards the opposite side of the lake :o

Luckily it missed all the nasty "No jet skis" signs and their sharp edges, and we got it on the board without much hassle, tangles or taking on a mountain of water. So it was easy to pack it, and the untangling took just a few moments. . . .

So, first time to be rescued. Kinda.

Monday, July 11, 2016

More mellow moves

Another light forecast, actual wind recorded was 4 to 8, gusts to 12.

Started on the 21, wind picked up a little and I wanted to try the 12.

Guess that was when it was 12 knots, but the kite was just too peaky on the power and required high-speed runs and aggressive carves, but really wasn't any fun. I switched the 21 bar with the 6m extensions, and it improved the length of the power pulse, but the wind had dropped and it sucked so I went back out on the 21.

Lovely mellow session, slightly overpowered on the 21 at times but nice riding. I should really start to try tacks . . .

Miyachi tried to go out on the Naish foil (identical to the LF) which he'd bolted to a TT but it was too light and he gave up. I left my LF board there for him, in case he can get out when I can't . . .

Friday, July 8, 2016

Was definitely better

Very light forecast, 6 to 8 on the hourly to the lake!

15 is out of action but I could have gotten away with it, and would have had a good time down looping the transitions, but such is life.

Had a fab time with the 21 til 6, when the wind just picked up enough to make it uncomfortable: 8 to 10, gusts to 16 apparently. 

So I'm at the stage with the foil of gybing with almost 100% long as I don't switch feet. And only if I don't try to ride goofy. If I do change feet, either before or after gybe, odds are better than even it's successful though, and even misplacing the feet there's still a good chance of success. I even managed to attempt a half-dozen foiling changes, best one slapping the water briefly. Huh, might just be possible...certainly easier when there's power in the kite.

Buddy who broke his Spotz and lost the fuse and wings now has an Access, and it NOSIY. I can hear it for miles, almost literally. Shame. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Could have been worse

Crappy forecast but a front was due at three so I thought I'd escape the house for some quiet time staring at the far side of the lake, waiting/hoping for wind.

When I arrived there was actually enough wind to foil on the 15 so that was great; had the lake all to myself for an hour. Then the wind picked up and I swapped to the TT and had some fun jumping around...after I fought out the two tip tangles that just out not come undone. Had to drag one across the water but the other had made itself a knot which needed landing...

Then the storm front moved in. Wind got nasty and punchy so I headed back to the beach.

Just as I reached the shore, yet another gust collapsed the kite, then it opened and lifted me again. Not worried, no problem...but just as I picked me up, *that* line snapped and the kite looped hard, lobbing me at the beach. Thankfully the sand had been fluffed up some and I managed to take it on the feet like a small jump. The kite had lost shaped so it didn't pull me all the way down (just a jerk), and it stayed on the ground, so I pulled the QR after a moment of watching and making sure I wasn't broken, and Miyachi got a hand on the kite.

Quick pack up and a rush back to the clubhouse before the massive downpour hit...

Got to eyeball the Alpine Access v2 too. Very nice it was. I want a ride.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Under and over

Light wind forecast, and it was very when I got to the lake just before 3. Out on the 21 and the foil board for some very light noodling. But after about an hour, it looked like it was picking up and so I packed up the 21 and stood lookin' and thinkin' . . . good call, me.

Hiro went out on his 10 and he looked powered, so I got the Limited and went out on the 15. Yeah, it was ok. Bit rusty I am, many almost-balls up but a good time was head.

Miyachi did well on the Cabrinha foil--strapless!--but wasn't getting on the foil . . . I had to leave before he went out again and I missed the fun.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Surprise session

Huh. Forecast yesterday for today was nothing at all, but it was picking up around 3pm so I went on down. Thought it would only be a foil day so didn't bother with the Duke . . . should have.

FX was ok but does that running-away-on-the-front-lines thing. Great power in loops, was able to get up and foiling just by working it. Couldn't jump it at all, and no wind to work on the technique :(

Contra s-u-c-k-e-d. No power in a loop, then it started bending the LE when I loaded it up hard.

But both impressed with how well they stayed in the air when the wind dropped. Very light, must be the new material.

Got a bit over-powered on the 15 when riding the foil, switched to the 'door but by the time I got it from the shed, the wind was dying off again.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Grassed me up

Mie again. Risked the rain forecast later in the day, for the hope of the good wind at 3. Didn't come but I got 4 hours of riding on the foil. Tried to get my Duke on in the windy bits but it wasn't happening.

Grass in the water was a drag (ha!) so it was a buckin' bronco time out there as it stuck to the mast and sucked bubbles down, but I got some good foot changes and gybes done. The 13m LEI was wrong and I really want new kites now.

Snapped the depower rope on the 55cm bar, which I knew was coming as it was badly frayed :D I flew the kite to shore just fine so that's good to know how all that goes. Now I get to figure out how to repair it or at least if it's worth the effort.

Changed to the 48cm bar--and the shorter lines!--which sucked further but I rode another hour until I'd had enough finally.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Diet wind

It was lite. Geddit?

Website said 8 to 10 knots . . . summer is here, no cheating with 6 knots. Ho ho ho.

T-shirt and shorts, no wetsuit . . . so chilly balls! Wedgies without the filter of a couple of mm of neoprene . . . much fidelity! Rip in shorts allows thighs to rub . . . very bleeding!

But it was so-ooo satisfying . . . all but one or two foot changes didn't fail, only one downloop failed. Is Gud.

Only an hour, but as I said, it was satisfying. That's all, carry on.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

What a difference a day makes

Bloody awesome. Good wind, got to try a new kite that didn't suck, got some good riding in and even got some jumps. Good long session too!

Drifter was great. Good bar pressure, probably slightly less than the Crossbow. Fast, responsive, stable when overpowered and predictable: I'd put it between the Park and the Pivot for bar pressure, performance and feel but would choose it over either of them, cos although I prefer the performance of the Pivot, it's just too twitchy--and it's clearly ahead of the Park. Even jumped ok which was a surprise, though the landing weren't floaty gentle and I had to redirect well to avoid a thump.

20 to 25 knots in the good bit, 34 knots in the great. So I need to look at an 11 or 12 . . .

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Grr. Double Grr.

Gusty nasty nasty crap. Nothing was much fun and didn't get much of a chance to enjoy the SB, although it was what I thought it would be . . .

The Double Agent on the other hand, wasn't that good. Slow and draggy. Stable and boring. Board might be interesting though . . .

Otherwise I got very annoyed. Could be worse -- Miyachi tweaked his ankle on the foil.

Friday, May 27, 2016

More of the same but better

Another session at Tsu, forecast for 3 p.m. looked better than yesterday.

Got to the beach, and there's Jun and 3 other guys getting foils ready. Neat! Wind was super-light though, bit annoying. Set up the foil again, but gambling that the wind would pick up, I took the 15 to ride.

Flailed around in the water again, with no success and so I came in for the 21. As I launched, the wind dropped right off and the other guys kites started hitting the water. Jun couldn't relaunch and the other guys (Diablo, Chrono) just made it back to shore. I helped Jun untangle his lines and by that time, the wind had come up a little.

I reckoned I could cope with the 21, so I headed out as the guinea pig. Yep, riding ok. Nice cruise around . . . the wind picks up so I go back for the 15. More excellent cruising; nailed a lot of my foot changes . . . hmm.

Jun dropped his kite again for a longer swim, and it felt like it started to rain so I called it a day. Rain didn't appear so I could have gone longer but oh well.