Saturday, February 28, 2015

About damn time!

Started out light, some riding, some walking... Tried both the Flydoor and the Dialer - the 'door clearly has the better bottom end.

After a very lully ride out - thought I was going to have to swim in for a few minutes - I landed the kite and took the Dialer back to the shed, got a drink and the Limited and headed back for one last attempt.

The optimism paid off - the wind came up. I had a fun time on the Flydoor; the wider stance setting is good. Did some riding on the Limited too... still getting used to it; Adrian says its identical to the 2014 but I know it's not :D

So, grabs during rotations... Yeah that just happened.

But I tried a hand drag with loop, messed it up and looped the kite again to recover the dive - and got dragged through the water towards the shore :o as the kite climbed to zenith the lift got my feet under me as I narrowly missed ploughing a furrow with my nose up the beach. Yikes, and I thought I had them nailed, like backroll transitions.

Ran out of time, so had to pack it up. Shame.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Same as last week...

Just a little bit warmer. Gah. I need a lower ranking than crappy.

Friday, February 20, 2015

One of those days...

I question what the hell I'm doing.

Wind so strong I couldn't I could barely get upwind to the water but couldn't get up on a plane.


Sunday, February 15, 2015


Brilliant forecast ruined by reality. Squally, but got some riding in, primarily on the Flydoor, not really enough to do anything fun but it was worth pumping up the kite a second time, after I'd already decided to give it up...

Found a hole in the canopy of the XB... no biggie. New fin on the Flydoor *seems* to be smoother and gripper... Need to try wider stance still.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


And forgot this one too... Nothing much to note.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Oops forgot to do this one....

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Finally some wind!

At lunch time, it looked like I was going to get stiffed but I was bored at home and went back to the lake around 2, as the wind looked like it was picking up.

It had. I went for the seat harness and the XB13 and the Limited hoping for a boost session. Would have been better if I wasn't so much out of practice...

Pretty gusty, but I was happy. Tried to do some kite loops tricks in the lulls - dark slide and hand drag loop - but discovered that perhaps the XB isn't the kite for that kind of stunt. I landed the hand drag - just - but dark slide become a body drag. I started to investigate how the XB loops and came to the conclusion that the best I can get is a fat loop that pulls horizontally.

Time for new gear...

The LE was leaking too, pretty sure the new higher flow valve wasn't seated right. Hmm.

Wind was 14 to 18 knots, gusts to 35 :o

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Le sigh yet again

Snowing like a bastard, but the wind came up for about 30 minutes, enough to get a feel - at last! - for the Dialer+Flite combo. Me likey!

Friday, January 23, 2015

What a

Fucking waste of time. 15 to 20 knots my ass. Gah.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

God, been over a month!

Determined to do do something with my day off. Forecast changed in the morning and it looked like I was going to get stiffed, but I wanted to swap the lines over on the S3 15 and 21, then test-fly the brummel spliced lines on the 15.

The wind died right as I go to the lake, but I waited it out and it picked up enough to get my hopes up.

Up with the 21 and the Dialer.... Walk upwind, ride downwind, rinse and repeat. After a half-dozen or more runs, the wind kicked up enough that I could make it back upwind a little, so I had a nice time getting back into it.

Those split toe boots... leave my big toe frozen and feeling like I'm constantly stubbing it. Do not like. I think with the whale scrotum they're too thick anyway.

The Neo Workman gloves did their thing again too, flawlessly. Good value, them. No forearm pump either, despite a month off!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First in a while, last for some time?

Well the weather wasn't great but it was better than nothing. Weak, then lully. Sigh... got to scrape the rust off the Dialer though which was needed!

Bit cold... 4/3 and 2mm gloves kept me warm enough but my feet and face suffered. Especially walking on the stones. With my feet, not my face.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

More of the same... and that's a good thing. Unlike pumpkin pie which is crap.

Same as last time... except I gave up on the Bullet (and Miyachi wanted to charge me rental) and went with the Flydoor. Wind built until I could have fun on the Limited.

Can pretty much do rotations to full boost height, and am even dropping some grabs... might be able to work in a foot-out or board-off eventually. Still handed though - they're great on one tack, sucky on the other.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bullet? Bah!

Lightish winds forecast, but it's winter so the wind should have enough oomph. Went out with the Speed3 15 and the Bullet but struggled for a while. Gave up on the Bullet, finally deciding I hate it. Took it back and got the Flydoor... much better. 

Wind picked up, switched to the Limited and had a good ol' time playing silly buggers. Foot outs are easy when you don't have a harness getting in the way of your stomach, keeping your hand from your board. Grabbing the fins though hurts.

Good long session, gonna be sore tomorrow...

Weather was reported as 6 to 12 knots, 15 degrees C.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Thursday... isn't it?

Missed the day before cos I forgot to check the weather. Today was supposed to be ok...

Looked good when I got to the beach, took the Speed3 15 and XB13 to the beach but the wind dropped off. I struggled for a while - was playing with the Naish Bullet 5'4" demo at the shop - then the wind picked up and I got onto the Limited for some boosting and footouts... whee!

Wind dropped again and I tried the Bullet, but I don't like it - seems hard to ride, compared to my Dialer.

Gave up and got packed up... then realized it was actually Wednesday and I am supposed to be going to work :o I was 10 minutes behind schedule but traffic went my way and I arrived on time... phew!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shoulda flip-flopped

Great forecast, even though it was all NW. Got to the lake and there was nothing. And I mean n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Waited around and something arrived, so I got changed and took the 21 and 15m Speed3s over to the lake, with a plan to swap the 21 bar to the 15. Which I did.

Good to be back on the 15... wind picked right up as I launched it so it was full-on for a bit there. So much fun to jump! Punchy and gusty and became less fun as the wind shifted more to the west...

Came in and packed it up and got the 10m but after my first two tacks, the wind dropped right off. Gave up and went home.

Weather was reported as... tosh. Whatever it was, it was a pile of bollocks cos there was nothing when I arrived at 1:30 and I probably should have been on a 10m until the time I actually got on the 10m... then I should've been on the 15.

What I learned today...

  • 6m extensions are too long for the 15.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Actually looked enough wind to contemplate my 10m, and Miyachi had the Bandits there for demo so I borrowed the 8th edition 11m for a run. Ok powered, falling to under so I swapped it out for the XB. Bar pressure was light for sheeting, medium for turning but crisp. Flapping behind the LE robbed power when sheeted out. Vague at the zenith... didn't like it.

Had another good time on the Dialer, but fell and hit my spreader bar hook on the rail and damaged it. Dang, something else to repair but I expected to ding up my first board. And an excuse to check out a new board... or maybe a Dynabar.

Really seems I'm going to end up riding the Dialer in lighter wind and saving the TT for really good boosting day... shame I can't surf worth a damn.

Weather was reported as 12 to 16 knots, gusts to 22; 15 degrees at 55%.
Wind felt like just to under powered.

What I learned recently...

  • front foot pressure is important to make gybing your feet easy
  • still no clue on tacking

Thursday, November 6, 2014

From crap to cool

What started out as a shitty frustrating day of wind drops, tangles and swamped kites, ended up pretty bloody good. A cackle-fest on the Dialer... once the wind picked up before, during and after the rain. We rode til dark, what fun!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Farewell to Fusion?

God what crap wind. Up, down, shifted 90 degrees and back... had to walk up the beach both directions! It was so bad, even the super-stable XB hindenburged at one point.

But got to ride some in between all that. Was desperate to try out the new gear so I kept going even when I thought, "fuck this, I'm going home to finish the deck."

Got a good long blow before the rain came in. The Mystic Star seat/waist got pushed to the limit from light to way over. The new Limited had to deal with wind at 90 degrees to the chop. Both aquited themselves well.

The Star was no worse than the Fusion for wedgies, both ass and crotch. Spreader bar ride-up was better than both Fusion (probably) and Renegade, while it was easier to get it down by far. As for the back, comfort was overall better than both. When the wind is right, we'll see if I can board-off. I still think for over-powered boost-fests, I'll need a pure seat but it's good to know that I can consider the Mystic range now too... although, there's no real good place for a front leash point.

The Limited is at least as good as the 2014 but I don't have the skill to really comment.

... got some epic carves in on the Dialer... might I have started the nailing if it? Getting some air under the fins too.

The weather was borked.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pivot session

Oops nearly forgot this.

Wind was, I guessed, good enough for a 10m but only just. So I thought I'd ask for a ride on the Pivot that's in the shop, and go out on the directional.

Wind didn't really cooperate. All session it was gusty and up n' down. I got some riding on the Pivot - but only on the Dialer - then switched to the XB, then back again for a final buzz on the P.

Re. the Pivot. Pretty good for a 3-strut kite, no flapping at all and I'm pretty sure it never deformed. Didn't really get to fly it heavily loaded or over-powered though. Good low end when worked but it got jerky in the punchy gusts, and hindenburged two or three times in lulls. Great drive through the transitions on the Dialer, really pulled you through. I liked it but would want to try it more before I bought one. Love the bar! but the swivel... didn't.

Weather was reported as 16 knots, gusts to 30! 15°C at 40%...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jolly good fun in... 5 knots?!?!

Better than the forecast and weather reports. Headed out on the 21 and was comfy powered, but then it picked up and it was getting hairy in the gusts. Ceased to be fun, and I wanted to ride the Dialer for some reason so I dropped the 21, got out the XB13 and swapped harnesses.

Good fun but damn, falling off that board is punishing! Got the fins clear of the water for some air, nice carves too. Getting there.

Weather was reported as 5 to 10 knots... bollocks. 18°C... perfectly comfy in my new Voodoo 2.5mm short leg spring suit, while the other guys are wearing 5mm steamers!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

A big let down

Should have been good, but it was gusty and crap. The gusts would be been great on the 16m but the lulls were too often and too long...

Did some riding on the Dialer too and while that was good it wasn't great.

Getting sick of gusty crap.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Post-typhoon ride

Crook as a dog yesterday, feeling well enough to ride today.

Gusty as hell, and the wind slowly dropped so I went from Limited to Dialer. Had a nice mellow time.

Discovered a funny mark on the Limited and lifted the footpad - huge crack :( must have happened on Sunday, but can't think of anything out of the ordinary...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pre-typhoon ride

South to the yacht harbor. Patrick Rebstock from Slingshot is there with Seigo, so there was some great strapless riding to watch. 

I, however, got on the water at 1 and didn't get off for 3 hours. Wind was pretty consistent so it was fun... some ok-ish jumps. Was going to pack up but after chatting to a kiwi I thought I'd go back out for a bit more... it was good.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Light but fun

Managed to get to the lake and the wind looked good but was all show and no blow. I really wanted to try out my S3 15 but couldn't be assed fiddling around and just went with the 21.

Which was both good and bad.

Bad because I had to land and launch a couple of times to clear knots out of the bridle, and good because the wind steadily dropped off until I had to leave for work.

Started on the Limited and had some fun. Then swapped for the Dialer and had some fun. Then gave up.

Mr Fujii... sigh... as an example of the sort of idiot blinkered behavior that goes on here:
Both of us were heading to the shore, me slightly behind him. I assumed he would push the tack as far as possible then come about, so I was getting ready for a change of direction myself. Then he just cut straight at the beach and stopped dead in front of me, parking his kite at the zenith.

Right in front of me. There was literally nowhere to go, and he just stood there, kite at 12 and me stuck a couple of meters behind him. I couldn't dive my kite to either side of him to get away cos there wasn't the space and even when he finally walked to the shore, he still just stood there with his kite at 12 blocking me.

Gah. Now imagine that on the roads.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Typhoon FedEx

Oops forgot to update...

Named this typhoon "FedEx" cos it delivered, but it was pretty crappy with its terms of service and delivery.

Erm... I seem to remember it being a good boost fest and lots of big tricks too, but forget the details. Started on the 13, ended up on the 10.

I did manage to splash down when the wind died, unhook and - snapped the carabina of the safety leash :o had to use a FSer one - yeuch.

So that was that.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scooz me while I kiss the sky

Oof, dang. All the internets said the wind would be lighter than yesterday and falling off.


We got 18 to 20 knots and gusts to 28 (if the weather station is to be believed). I swear it wasnt blowing that when I arrived, decided on kit and set up.

Started off light, just going upwind on the Limited, doing some rotations (fail central) then it just went all bat-shit insane.

I forgot how much fun it is to fly and float, Flysurfer style. Or just how big you can actually go on the 21. Or just how much effort it takes to hold all that power down... but, dang, it's worth the effort!

But after an hour of huge air, just big air won't cut it. Had to go to work anyway :(

What I learned today...
  • There's a bit of a trick to jumping the big Speed, which took me a time to get back. Seems to be just holding the line then, releasing the edge and popping hard. Mind you, every time I thought I had it, the same method didn't work the next time...
  • I get the most giggles and cackles out of the FSers by far... along with the most hair pulling.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mellow hits the spot

Forecast was good and with the in-laws in town, I could sneak off for the afternoon.

Wind was a bit light so I went for the Crossbow 16 to make sure of some grunt. Took the Dialer cos I thought I might like to...

Enough to get going on the Limited, just, so I forced some rotations to get back in the habit. Even nailed some doubles...

Then the wind got light but not too light, so I went for the Dialer. Rusty!

Good session, had a nice time :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rock on!

Surprise forecast, couple of days after the typhoon and we get a cracking good day.

Unfortunately, they're having a comp so the beach is COVERED in unused kites, lines and bars and there's literally nowhere to launch a kite, let alone set up.

Tough choice on the size, the little guys were riding 12 to 14 meters, but it's supposed to pick up continuously through the afternoon, so I risk the 13. Pump up in the grass (spiky things everywhere, look out), carry it across to a freshly vacated spot and lay out my lines, threading between other kites.

Got into the air and on the water... great! Going to be good. Spent a couple of hours whooping it up, but the wind drops off so I take a break. When I think it's picked up, I go back out... more woohoo fun, but the wind drops off again after an hour or so, so I call it a day.

Some good jumps and rotations - front rolls are rusty. Occasionally in the gusts I had to fight to hold edges, and a few times went wa-aaay downwind just a few feet off the water as I got hauled off. Great fun, much better than the typhoon day!

Weather was reported as 15 to 22 knots, gusts to 32!!! 25˚C at 64%, climbing throughout the day.
Wind felt like 50% comfy-powered, 35% WOOHOO, 10% bah-humbug and 5% Whoa Nelly!

What I learned today...
  • Soh is a little bitch.
  • Back is good, pain almost nonexistent and legs working as well as I can remember they can.
  • Want a kite that loops better...!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lame-ass typhoon is lame. Laaaaaaame.

Well that was the lamest typhoon to date. Took the 10m and 7m to the lake cos I was grossly over-optimistic. For the first 30 minutes it looked good, then it petered right out. Got a drink, the wind came back but it was only good in the rare gusts... a few giggles but mostly just topping up the tanks.

Got to ride the 2014 Park 10m for a few minutes in the gusts but didn't get a real feel for it. Feels a lot  like the Nitro, same light bar and rapid response but I have to say, the Nitro was more stable - kept front stalling the Park on the beach, needed a firm hand on the bar. The bar was fantastic though, loved it. Same kind of jump feel too...

Moment of the day was a front roll down loop transition then landing on a cresting wave and riding it out, slack-lined, into the new direction. Total fluke but it rocked.

Weather was reported as 19 knots, falling to 12; gusts to 24 before I got there :(

What I learned today...
  • The Limited seems picky about pad placement. 1/-1 seems to be the sweet spot... or maybe I'm just adapting to the non-Door shape.
  • I really don't think looping the XBs is a good plan...

Monday, September 22, 2014


Well, that's more like it. Was hoping for wind on the holiday tomorrow, but that wasn't going to happen. The wife managed to get time off work to cover me, so I could go to the lake by 4pm. Niiii-thh!

People were saying it was no good, but they were going for 12m kites and I thought it'd pick up, so I went for the Speed3 12 cos I really wanted to ride it after the fun of last night...

Went well on the Flydoor for a good while, then there was a parting of the ways in the SPL and I had a kite that wouldn't fly right... it'd stay in the sky, parked at 2pm and pull so I body dragged back to shore and packed it up.

Had the 16m XB on the beach, so up it went. I was feeling pretty good, so being over-powered that much was just FUN. Jump-fest...

Packed up after sun set... although there's a good 30 minutes of light left, forgot that.

Was probably going just as high on the 12, but it was much easier to ride so there's something in that old chestnut then I guess, after all.